Monday, September 19, 2016

Orphan Challenge

This is Leilani.  Today I read this message about her, like too many that I have read since beginning this adoption journey.
"All of the Leilani fans I'm afraid we do not have much time to find her a family. Since her transfer to an awful place a couple years ago, she has dwindled and continues with each check up. Someone was able to see her this past Friday and get a photo. Her state is even much worst than in august when they visited. Her body is starting to be covered with hair. That is the very last stage of starvation. She isn't dying because of her diagnosis, she is dying because she is starving. My heart is broken. She needs a mama NOW. Please share her. Her grant has over $10,000 lets build it. "

I read these sort of messages daily and it is heart breaking.  There is an orphan crisis with 100,000 children who need families, many in these horrible situations.  These children need you.

I know that not everyone has been called to adopt.  But, we can all pray and prayer is powerful.  We can all share and help open the eyes of other's to these children who need us.  Some have the means to give to help others adopt these orphans and give them the family, love, food and medical attention that they so desperately need.  We can all do something.

We know that some people don't understand adoption or fundraising to adopt.  We know that some people judge us for not being in the "perfect" situation to adopt, whatever their individual definition of "perfect" might be.  But, I don't think there is ever a "perfect" time or position to take a leap of faith like adoption and adopting a child with special needs.  I don't think it could ever make perfect sense and especially to someone who doesn't understand that every one of these children are worthy of life, love and sacrifice.  A day in our lives with the love of family is better than many of these children will experience in their lifetime in an orphanage or institution.  God has called us to help orphans and the "least of these" and we cannot rationalize our way "out of it".  

I read this challenge the other day and I want to pass it on:

"Now, the challenge. Kids in crisis can't afford to wait until it's most convenient for you to care for them. They don't have that luxury. They need you to stop rationalizing what you know God is calling you to do - and just do it. Your "no" is a lot more difficult on them than your "yes" will ever be on you. Perhaps these kids needs your family as much as your family needs these kids. One is given comfort and security for likely the first time in their life while the other is freed from comfort and security, and as a result, actually finds life. Jesus Himself said, "Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it." (Matthew 16:25) In perhaps one of the most counterintuitive and countercultural statements He ever made, we find what life is all about - losing ourselves for the sake of someone else's gain. Hard? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. What you stand to lose pales in comparison to what everyone, including yourself, stands to gain. There's never really a perfect time to foster or adopt; just a lot of opportunities to say yes to losing yourself despite the many reasons you have to say no.” –Jason Johnson Blog

Please pray for little Leilani, who is starving to death in her institution.  Pray that her family, somewhere, will take a leap of faith and bring her home.  

Please continue to pray for Domenic and our adoption process.  Pray for our papers to process quickly, Lord willing, and for Domenic as he is waiting in his orphanage.  Praise the Lord for the funds that we have received and for the amazing people who are sharing in the joy of binging Nic home and helping through their prayers, generosity and support! 

Also pray for all of these children who are waiting for families.  Pray for the Lord to open the hearts of others to adopt, pray and give to help these wonderful children!

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