Monday, November 28, 2016


We received the exciting call on Thanksgiving that we will be traveling to Eastern Europe this week to be there in time for our DAP (Department of Adoption) appointment! SO, here we go!!

Here are the steps that we have left:

At the DAP we will hear any medical and background info on Nic. We might not learn much but I am just excited to learn what his birthday is and anything at all! We will accept his referral there. I am hoping we will get to meet Nic for the first time by the next day! AHHHHHH!!!!!! My heart is hurting for this moment!!

Next, we will receive an assigned court date. We are praying this will be very soon because if it is we will stay in Ukraine until court. If it is scheduled for say a week or more away we will fly home and have to fly back for court. Praying that court goes smooth and that we get an adoption friendly judge.
There is a mandatory 10 day waiting period after court. Some regions will waive this 10 day waiting period. Ours is not one of those regions from what I have heard. HOWEVER, we are praying for the judge to waive the 10 days. If the Lord wills it, He can certainly make it happen, so we are asking with strong faith! We will fly home during the 10 day waiting period if we must wait and then fly back to get Nic out of there!

The last step is to get Nic his Visa, passport, medical, etc. and bring him HOME!!

Praise the Lord for this fast DAP date!!!!!! Please pray, all Lord willing, for our DAP appointment, our court date to be immediate, our judge to be for us, waiving of the 10 day waiting period, our travel, Nic, and our children at home and that through all of this whether things go the way WE want or not, that we will bring glory to God and be witnesses for Him through every step.

Thank you all again so much for your support through all of this!

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