Thursday, August 11, 2016

Children's Love

You are looking at our children's official "Nic Fundraising Headquarters".  They have pictures of Nic hung on the wall and they meet here to discuss how much money they have earned to bring home Nic and what new business ventures they are going to do to increase their funds. This emergency meeting was called due to the fact that our 6-year-old daughter had lost her front tooth and earned $1 from the Tooth Fairy so the books had to be updated to $76.36 to reflect the proper earnings to date.  

It is not just our own children that are wanting to do what they can for Nic.   Their cousins decided to live on beans and rice for the month so that they could give the money saved on groceries to bring home Nic.  At the same time our nephew has given generously from his lawn mowing money.

On the other side of the country our nieces and nephews are planning a lemonade stand to do what they can to help bring Nic home to family, medical treatment and love.  

I love to see their hearts and excitement for our Nic.  The simple hearts of children who can't even fully understand the circumstances that he is in and yet see a baby in need and want to do anything they can to help. 

That $76.36, that $1 from the tooth fairy, their lawn mowing money, or lemonade earnings, might seem small when looking at the almost $30,000 need, but to them it is everything that they have to give and it is huge to us and huge to God.  Those dollars and pennies are far more than money.  They are love, simple, innocent love of children.

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