Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Adoption Process

Here's a little run down of our adoption process and where we're at in it.  I cannot be too specific with details on a public forum but I can give a general idea.

We are adopting from Eastern Europe which is usually around a seven month process.  We are praying that ours will be MUCH faster. 

We are filling out paperwork and doing everything that we have to do EVERY SINGLE DAY as it comes in so as not to delay anything.  However, some of it is completely out of our control.  Once the paperwork is filled out, much of which has to be notarized, then certified by the county clerk and then Apostilled by the Secretary of State it is handed over to a variety of different government agencies or to our out of country facilitators to be handled in the country of our adoption.

We have FBI fingerprints, doctor's reviews, blood test, FBI fingerprints a SECOND time, passports, visas, background checks, etc.  Every step that is completed is then turned in to wait to be passed through whatever government agency it is being sent to. 

We are currently in our Home study portion while doing all the things just mentioned.  The "Home Study" is just what it sounds like, a study of our home.  A social worker regularly meets with us for interviews, home safety and all sorts of good stuff.  I am very thankful that we have a wonderful social worker who I enjoy talking and meeting with and who is extremely helpful through this process.

Our country facilitator, who is also amazing, handles all of our paperwork for our Eastern Europe country and all travel and logistics in that country, including visa, orphanage, medical, court appearance and much more.

We ALSO have an Eastern Europe country agency which helps with our child's placement and other in country business. 

Once all of this has been completed and approved we receive a court and travel date within our EE country.  This is when we will actually get to meet Nic, visit him regularly, while doing the necessary thing IN that country, one of which is appearing in court.  Praying all of this goes smoothly, we then wait for the court papers to go through.  It is only once that is done that we get to actually get our sweet Nic out of that orphanage and with us forever!!!!   Oh we can't wait for that day!!!!

I know this is a very general idea of what we are doing but it gives you an idea of the process and what all the funds that we are raising goes towards.  

Please be praying that every piece of paperwork and every step goes through quickly and smoothly so that there are no delays in getting Nic home. 

With Nic's special needs we need to get him medical care as quickly as possible but on top of that, we have been told things about the orphanage, which I can not write here, that has us all the more urgent in getting everything done as fast as possible.

I know I say it every time, but you have no idea how thankful we are for everyone who is helping bring Nic home through your prayers, sharing and donations!!

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