Friday, July 8, 2016

Our Heart in Words

Well here we go!!  My first entry to this exciting journey in bringing home baby "Nic"!!  

I wrote a bio for our Reece's Rainbow profile.  I know that it is way too long, but how do you express your heart in words?  I am sure there are others that could do it in a much more concise way but I am not one of them.  So, here it is.  I will TRY to keep my future entries much shorter! 

Thank you so much for following and praying for us on this journey!  Also, here are photos of our baby boy!  I am limited as to what I am allowed to post at this time but I will be updating here soon, including ways that you can help!


    We are the Romero family.  We have six children ages 12-2.  We learned that our youngest was gifted with an extra chromosome shortly after his birth in July 2014. The truth of Psalm 139:13 — “You knitted me together in my mother’s womb” — became that much more intimate as we explained to our children that God added the extra copy of chromosome 21 more than a trillion times.  We knew that God made our son and every one of us uniquely, in His image, for His glory and there are no mistakes. 

     We had never thought about adoption before but through our son’s birth the Lord opened our eyes to the needs of children all around the world with a special calling to those with Down syndrome and special needs. 

    When we learned about Reece’s Rainbow, a ministry whose mission is to find families for orphans with Down syndrome, at our first Buddy Walk and read that in other parts of the world these children are viewed as outcasts with no ability to learn or be functional members of society, languishing in mental institutions, hidden away from the world in shame, our heart broke for these children.  We see their faces and picture our son being born into those circumstances.  Our family knew that we had been called to serve these children. 

     We stared at the Reece’s Rainbow magnet on our refrigerator and their web site for almost a year, praying for the children and saying that we will adopt “one day”. We saw this precious baby boy, only a few months old, who was abandoned to live his life in an orphanage.  We knew immediately that we needed to bring him home, but we also continued to consider all of the obstacles.  We prayed AND prayed.

Finally we realized that the only thing holding us back was fear, fear of traveling, fear of all that is involved and a lot of financial fears. We thought about how powerful our God is and the fact that the bigger the “task” the greater glory we see through His hand in it.  We were reminded of Gideon whose army was dwindled to 300 just so that the glory would go to the Lord and the miracles that Christ did throughout the Bible.  He is the creator of this universe.  How could we fear or doubt His power in this?  We know it won’t be easy but we have trust in Him. 

We also thought about what the life of one child was worth.  We would sacrifice everything and do anything for our children.

We are so excited to bring Domenic home to our family.  We are so anxious to wrap our arms around him and show him the love of a family and the love of our Savior!  In our minds and hearts he is already our son. 

With special needs adoptions like this, the child does not have the luxury to wait long periods of time to collect the funds that are needed to bring these children out of the hard orphanage conditions. They need out as quickly as possible.

We know that not everyone is called to adopt and not everyone is called to adopt an orphan with special needs. But, everyone can share in the joy of helping through earnest prayers and giving.  What an amazing picture of the body of Christ at work, all for the love of this one precious baby.  Thank you for joining us and may all glory go to our amazing God!! 

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