Friday, July 8, 2016

Bringing Home Nic


 People all over the world view these precious children as outcasts simply because they have an extra chromosome (Down syndrome) or other special needs. 

We can't get him out of that orphanage into love fast enough!!  It is so hard to think about the fact that he is laying in an orphanage crib, staring at a ceiling all day, with no one loving on him!

I just finished adding our "You Caring" link and Hand of Help In Adoption link to the side bar and I will be posting our Reece's Rainbow link as soon as it is up.  Please feel free to share with anyone!

We are also asking for your prayers.   Pray that God will protect Domenic while he waits and will display His amazing power and glory through this journey to bring him home.  Pray that the funds and donations will come quickly and papers and travels will be processed fast.  Pray for God's glory to be seen by all through it all. 

All of these are ways that you can help one little baby get home faster to experience the love of a family that every child deserves! 

There are SO many children in need.  We are working to save one, but please pray for all of these orphans as well, that God will move the hearts of others to help them in whatever ways they can through adoption, prayer and giving of time or money.  

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