Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kids For Kids

Well, my children's fundraising efforts for Nic have grown a bit bigger into what they have named the "Kids for Kids" Club, (the CURRENT official name after much deliberation).  They have spent countless hours putting together the logistics in an attempt to make this idea a reality.

My daughter decided that their club should not close its doors, or hanging sheet in their case, once the fundraising for Nic has ended but should continue on in their efforts to help orphans.

They were so encouraged and excited by people who contributed to their "club" adoption fundraising efforts that they decided once they reach their goal for Nic, they are going to find another orphan from Reece's Rainbow to support with prayer and fundraising.

As always, their cousins were on board and ready to help make this happen.  I found the above picture on my phone, apparently the minutes from the last meeting: "'donashons' coming in:", "we have raised $172.50", more "ideas to 'rais' money for Nic," along with multiple photos of "Kids for Kids" club t-shirt designs that they had sent back and forth to their cousins for review.  Since none of them have their own phones, my phone has pretty much been taken over by my children as they facetime and talk to their cousins from their "Kids for Kids"  club headquarters about the plans for their club t-shirts, name, verse, recruiting strategies, fundraising, and any other details.

I believe they finally settled on the club verse:
"We love because He first loved us." 
1 John 4:19
I think that perfectly sums it up.

I don't know what will become of this exciting idea of theirs, but I love their hearts for these children and their desire to help do something.  I love that their eyes have been opened, even a little, to seeing beyond themselves and their immediate space.  I love that their efforts to help aren't limited by the fear and doubts that we adults have.  And, I love that they will see how the Lord can use them to share His love and compassion.   

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