Saturday, October 22, 2016

Waiting and Praying

If I could sum up where we are in our adoption process right now in two words it would be "waiting" and "praying".  We have submitted every single paper possible to Eastern Europe and to US immigration and now we are just praying that they land in the hands of men and women that will see them through as quickly as possible. 

Because we have submitted all of our dossier (lots and lots of notarized, certified and apostilled documents)  to Eastern Europe in anticipation of moving the process along as fast as possible, we just have to wait for US immigration approval to go through for the final paperwork to be submitted in order to receive our court and travel dates.

Because of Nic's Down syndrome and other potential special needs, all of this has been done with a requested medical expedite.  However, whether it receives the medical expedite and the speed at which it goes through is completely out of our control.  So, we are PRAYING and requesting all of our wonderful family in Christ who has loved and supported Nic and our family through this, to pray as well. 

If it takes two days or two months we know that the Lord is in control and it is all part of His plan so we can't worry.  But Lord willing, it will move at record speed with the power of prayer to His glory. 

We continue to pray for Nic to feel the Lord's love while he is waiting for us and for his health and strength as he is growing.  We are also praying for the other orphans and how the Lord can use us in their lives as well.  

Thank you for your love, prayers and support! 

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